Reliable Collection
Responsible Disposal
We are the most responsible and environmentally conscious garbage and organics disposal on Pender Island
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We provide weekly Wednesday household &
commercial waste pick up.*

*weather and road condition permitting


Landfill Restrictions

Click here for a list of items that are prohibited at the Heartland Landfill


Pickup Calendar

Click here to find out about your pickup schedule


Bin Loading Instructions

Learn about what can and cannot go into the bin.


New Asbestos Regulations

Only recently, new regulations have been put in place about how to deal with asbestos when you're renovating your house. Please click here or on the image on the right to find out about which precautions you have to take when starting renovations.

Click here to read the CRD Information of how to conduct a renovation or demolition.


5 days a week

  • Big or small jobs, no problem!
  • Removal of all junk and rubbish
  • Mixed loads allowed (sorting fees apply)
  • Quick, friendly service
  • Construction debris
  • Household junk
  • Yard waste & Clean up
  • Property clean up

We handle Commercial Recycling.

For Household Recycling, please go to the Pender Island Recycle Depot
All Year: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays 10 - 3 | June - Sept additionally: Fridays 10 - 3