Drywall must be accompanied by Drywall Pre-Screening Questionnaire which can be obtained from our driver or from the link below.

Drywall Pre-Screening Questionnaire


Contractors are also required to complete the following form:

New West Gypsum Recycling Contractor Form


click for important info on loadscreening.

ALL drywall must be bagged and tagged with necessary paperwork.
Bins will be charged a $250 fee for sorting if drywall is mixed or hidden in the bin.


Facilities in the CRD that accept drywall.

Asbestos Data
Acceptance Criteria
Drywall Sorting
DL’s Bins and Recycling Centre
6844 Oldfield Road
From Contractor: 6 months
From Homeowner: 6 months, or up to 12 months with proof of residency
Drywall is charged separately, must typically be separate from other renovation materials which are considered garbage. If it can’t be separated there is an increased charge, contact for more information.
HL Disposal and Lawn Services
334 Hillside Ave
From Contractor:  1 year
From Homeowner: 1 year
Mixed load with drywall can be taken. H.L. will sort drywall prior to processing.
Ellice Recycle Ltd
524 David St
From Contractor: 1 year
From Homeowner: 1 year
Mixed load with drywall can be taken (more expensive, not encouraged). Typically they prefer drywall to be separated (cheaper for homeowners).
GFL Environmental Inc.
1045 Dunford Avenue
From Contractor: 1 year
From Homeowner: 1 year
Drywall must be separated from other materials whenever possible.